24/7 Monitoring Services

24/7 Monitoring Services

Nieto’s 24/7 Monitoring Services gives clients peace of mind by helping keep an eye on your business.  It’s amazing to see how many businesses go without monitoring and measuring and simply wait until something breaks or goes down.  Can you imagine if we didn’t have a gas gauge and simply waited until our car ran out of gas?   And then can you imagine blaming the car for running out of gas?

Nieto uses a variety of solutions to ensure we monitor everything that is critical.  Monitoring HW and SW can be onsite, offsite, or in The Cloud.  We use free tools, tools that we have developed, and large enterprise tools that are industry standards.  We will work within your budget and find the right combination for your business. We have best practice templates that with a shallow dive we can quickly identify critical components of your business and start monitoring fairly quick or we can do a full scale audit and help you determine and prioritize all your processes and systems that may need to be monitored.  We can use multiple systems with multiple screens or we can create a dashboard for different management levels in your company.

Monitoring is not just for IT.  Most of our clients initially start with us monitoring circuits, routers, and servers but as we learn your business and clients begin to see the tools that are available some realize that we can monitor almost anything.  Maybe accounting needs to monitor cash, AR, and AP?  Marketing and sales may need to monitor  a website, shopping cart, PayPal, maybe Twitter? Management needs to monitor billable hours?  HR needs to monitor vacation time and overtime?  There is an incredible amount of knowledge and wealth to be gained by understanding your business and not running out of gas every few weeks because you don’t have a gas gauge.

With Nieto’s Monitoring Services we can simply notify clients that a service has gone down or begin working with providers for a resolution and communicate statuses and expectations until there is a resolution.

Solutions that we use are Zabbix, Solarwinds, PRTG, Power Pivot, and Power BI.

Circuit Monitoring

Monitor telephone or internet circuits 24/7 and know within minutes that a service has gone down.  Best practices include monitoring internal and external interfaces as well as the environment, and power sources to ensure we know why service went down.

Network Monitoring

Comprehensive monitoring for critical network devices such as routers, switches and firewalls. Assist network teams get deep performance visibility required to manage complex networks.

Application Monitoring

Identify application servers and app components that are generating errors. Monitoring for Java, .NET, Ruby, PHP, AWS, Azure and mobile platforms.

Custom Report Monitoring

Using Power Pivot, Power BI, SharePoint, or existing systems custom monitors can be created from reports for all key business indicators.

Website Monitoring

Proactively monitor uptime and performance of your website and get visibility into website response time.   Analyze how the website responds when accessed from various global locations and take swift corrective actions in case of downtime.

Server Monitoring

Stay on top of outages and pinpoint server issues with root cause analysis and capabilities.  Create custom plugins and monitor critical systems, services, and performance indicators.

Financial Monitoring

Monitor AP, AR, Cash, Sales, or any financial points that are kept in a third party system.

Bandwidth Monitoring

Monitor bandwidth speeds and alert on thresholds for all your connections and know before saturation occurs.