IT Consulting

IT Consulting Services

Nieto’s IT Consulting practice walks clients through every step of the IT Life Cycle to create a solution within budget.  With exceptional customer service and communications skills we will dissect the issue at hand and provide multiple options.

Best Practice for Effective Solutions

  • Identify the issue – Identify and document each issue we are trying to solve and ensure it is the right problem.
  • Identify Interest – Understand and document each parties interest to insure to find the right solution.
  • Prioritize – We will prioritize each issue and clearly document critical vs non critical.
  • Research – We will research your industry, customers, competitors, and existing solutions in priority established.
  • Solutions and Options – We will develop options and pricing for each solution.
  • Goals & KPI’s – We will develop KPI’s using S.M.A.R.T. Goals
    • Specific – Each issue, solution, and goal will be specific
    • Measurable – We will establish a way to measure each goal is being met.
    • Attainable or Assignable – Ensure each goal is acceptable and worth the effort and cost and who will be responsible.
    • Relevant or Realistic – Ensure the goal will really achieve a solution to your issue.
    • Timely – Ensure timeline is realistic and worth the money.
  • Implementation – We will implement each solution.
  • Test and Measure – Each solution will be tested and measured.
  • Monitoring – We will establish a way to monitor each solution to ensure goals are met.
  • Maintenance – We will establish a maintenance program.

Nieto’s IT Consulting Services won’t leave you alone after this.  We will continue to work with your team as needed or take over management of each solution.