Dear Nieto Technology Partners Valued Client,

As you may be aware from recent media reports, there has been a cyberattack on Microsoft® Corp.’s email server software. The cyberattack is believed to have infected tens of thousands of businesses, government offices, and schools in the U.S., according to people briefed on the matter. You can read a recent Reuters article about the situation here.

Microsoft has said that it appears that the hackers have been exploiting several flaws in their software to gain access to systems and data, as well as to install software that allows the attackers to maintain a persistent presence in the environment even after patching.

As our valued client, we want to reassure you that Nieto Technology Partners is aware of this situation and we are actively investigating and monitoring our systems.   We  have fully patched all relevant systems with the emergency patches Microsoft provided on March 2, 2021. We are also in contact with our vendors to ensure they are investigating this situation on their side, as well. So far, we don’t believe our systems have been compromised, but we will continue keep a watchful eye for any anomalies that app ear.

We Want to Make Sure Your Business is Protected

Nieto Technology Partners can conduct an evaluation of your systems and common practices to make sure your environment is safe.  Simple steps like being wary of emails or messages from senders you aren’t familiar with, and to never click on links that you don’t recognize or seem out-of-the-ordinary. By staying aware of potential cybersecurity threats, we can all help to prevent fraud before it happens.

If you have any specific questions regarding this cyberattack, please contact us by phone or email to or (713) 893-5667.  You may also visit the Microsoft’s Security site for the latest updates on the attack.

We hope this information has been helpful and as always, thank you for being a Nieto Technology Partners client.

Luis Nieto
Nieto Technology Partners